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The Future is in the Gesture-Based Technology

When science fiction turns into science fact, blaming the visionaries behind the books and the production designs of modern science fiction films is our first reaction. Most of these science fiction technologies aimed to give characters a stylish look that allows them to incorporate a scenic belonging with their surroundings.

Recent science fiction films featured holographic computer technology. In the past, it was touchscreen technology. Today, almost every professional in the world owns a touchscreen technology, whether a smartphone or a tablet. In the near future, gesture-based technology and holograms will invade almost every person’s daily life.

The Leap Motion Controller is set to arrive this week in Britain and in a few other countries. The controller, which is crowdfunded, will allow a user to interface with a device from eight cubic feet. This means that people can begin to use hand waves in the air to control their interfaces, much like those science movies.

Today, the more natural it feels to interface with a technology, the more futuristic and trendy it actually becomes. For example, iOS’ Siri became famous for answering several user queries while Google’s voice search system saved people time having to type text through a search bar.

In the future, gesture-based technology will allow you to turn on and off appliances in your home like an orchestra conductor, which might look beautiful, future-wise.